Dr. Lila Baker, D.C.

Owner, Chiropractor

Helping athletes get their edge back – or just keep it in the first place!

“After my first adjustment with Dr. Baker I was shocked to realize how much pain I had been in for YEARS. For the first time in nearly a decade I have experienced pain free days, and restful nights.”

– Veronica B. San Francisco, CA

Dr. Lila Specializes In:

  • Athletes
  • High-Performers
  • Head & Neck Injuries


Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West

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About Dr. Lila

After a horrible car accident at 17 years old, Dr. Lila thought she had lost any opportunity to be active.

But through chiropractic care she found her body healing better than any medical doctor could have predicted.

At Connection Chiropractic we know you want to be a top performer in work and life. In order to do that, you need to get rid of your chronic pain. The problem is no one seems to know how to help which makes you feel frustrated.

We believe you can HEAL and come back STRONGER.

We understand how bad you want to get back in the game of life. Which is why we get to the root of the problem and give you the information and CARE that no other professional has. We’ve helped thousands of patients like you over the last 8 years recover beyond what they thought possible.

Services Provided

NUCCA Chiropractic
Nasal Specific

“Dr. Lila is awesome! My back pain reached an all time high last year and I decided to get help with Dr. Lila. I was skeptical at first with her un-invasive style of work but every time I went to her my back felt better. Soon I trusted and realized that Dr. Lila was legit and my back was on its way to better days. It took some time for my back to adjust to feeling good and being healthy. What a difference!!
Today my back feels great. I am grateful for Dr. Lila and her entire team. Thank you!”

– Karl R. San Francisco, CA