What types of Massage do you offer?

Therapeutic Massage – Myofascial Release – Manual Therapy
This is our most requested style of massage. As your body heals under NUCCA care, occasionally scar tissue from old injuies can slow down the healing process. Myofascial release helps your body move through those hang ups and heal more completely. If you have had multiple injuries or are an athlete, this type of massage can do wonders for your body!

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish massage is the ideal relaxation technique. Have you had a rough week at work? Do you feel like you carry your tension in your shoulders? Do you just need to relax and be pampered? Swedish massage is the key! Call the office to book your appointment today!

Lymphatic Massage
Our lymph system is a huge key to a healthy body. It helps control the immune system, and brings inflammation in and out of a healing joint. With chronic inflammation, or joints that just don’t seem to heal, lymphatic massage can be a game changer.
This type of massage gets the lymph nodes working again, and helps your body reduce joint swelling. This can be extremely beneficial right after an accident or injury to help with acute problems, or with long-term, chronic joint swelling.

Not sure if lymphatic massage is the right service for your body? Call the office today to learn more! 415-424-0778

Sports Massage
Not a fan of skin-to-skin contact? Or have a sports injury to address? Our massage therapists are fully trained in sports injury recovery and massage. This form of massage is done fully clothed, and typically has a specific focus for your body. Ask the office if Sports Massage is right for you! 415-424-0778

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