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Our goal here at Connection Chiropractic is to find the root cause of your problem. Our job is to make sure that we allow your body to do the healing work so that you don’t rely on us coming in to see us all the time for the rest of your life. In order to achieve this, we use the most specific form of Chiropractic care.

It’s called NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) Care. Only 250 doctors in the world are trained in this unique type of Chiropractic. NUCCA is a very gentle technique – with no twisting popping, or cracking – so nothing is scary about the adjustment. We focus on aligning the top bone in your spine perfectly to remove any interference in your nervous system – this means your brain and your body can communicate and your body can heal. We use very specific x-rays to make sure we know exactly what you need. Everything is 100% unique to you.

What to Expect

Your first visit to the office (about an hour):
Consultation – First, you will sit down with the doctor to go over what you are looking for out of care, how we might be able to help, and we will talk about your health history to better understand where your problems stem from – if we know how long it’s been there and how it started we can better assess how long it will take you to heal.

Examination – This includes chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurologic tests to understand what’s being affected in your body. Then, we will do a full NUCCA assessment to determine if you have the signs of an Atlas Misalignment. This will help us know if you need x-rays.

NUCCA X-rays – Once we see the signs of the misalignment, we will take specific x-rays to get a 3-dimensional view of your misalignment. These not only tell us how long your spine has been misaligned, but how bad the misalignment is, if we can even help, what’s fixable and what’s just patchable, and will give us a clearer understanding of how long you will take to heal.

Once we have all this information, we will send you home so we can study and analyze the findings. That way we know exactly what you need.

Your second visit to the office (about 2 hours):
Report of Findings – Now that we know exactly what’s wrong, we can go over everything with you! This visit begins with the Report of Findings. Here we will cover what’s wrong and why, how we can help, if there is anything we can’t help with, how long it will take to fix, and the total investment for your care.

First Adjustment – Finally! Once we go over everything we will be able to start your first adjustment. The adjustment is never more pressure than getting your pulse checked. It feels like a gentle pressure or vibration behind your ear as you are laying on your side. Once the correction is made, we will recheck all the posture tests and then take another set of x-rays to ensure that we achieve the results we intended.

Many patients feel some relief after their very first adjustment, while some bodies take more time to notice changes.

Your third visit and beyond
After your first adjustment, you will have a series of office visits to monitor your healing process. Our goal is to adjust you as little as possible throughout your lifetime, while making sure your body stays in that healing mode when you are away from the office. This requires regular checks until we know how long your body can hold the alignment.

The longer you are in alignment, the more healing work your body can do, and the better your health will be! As your spine begins to straighten, the highway between your brain and body opens. Tissues begin to heal, and your spine begins to strengthen. You will notice that you can do things you haven’t done in years. Your healing time will depend on the tissues damaged, and length of injury.

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