About Us

What makes Connection Chiropractic unique is our dedication to caring for you as a whole person so you get results FAST. We remove the interference in your nervous system and allow your body to heal itself – the way nature intended.

Chiropractors don’t do the healing, your body does all the work. After we detect the source of interference in your body, we determine the proper way to remove the underlying problem. And the results are astounding – when your brain and body are in full communication, there is no limit on what your body can heal!

Since subluxations (or misalignments of the bones of the spine) can happen at any age – even during the birthing process – it’s worth getting everyone checked to ensure total health of the whole family!

When your body works the way nature intended, its innate ability to heal itself is released. This allows your body to function at 100% of your health potential. With interference in the nervous system, your body will not function optimally and problems can show up anywhere. Our gentle adjustments restore the brain-body connection, allowing you to LIVE as nature intended!

Our Team

Everyone in our office, from our office staff to your chiropractor, has one goal in mind–to help your body run with no interference. We know that when your body isn’t in top shape that your entire life can be affected. That’s why you’ll always be greeted with a smile here and leave with an even bigger one on your face.

Dr. Lila Baker Reedy, D.C.
Owner, Chiropractor

Dr. Lila’s childhood consisted of everything active you could possibly imagine. She started skiing at 2 years old, dancing at 3, gymnastics at 5, and continued on to enjoy mountain biking, backpacking, whitewater rafting, skydiving, flying trapeze and the list goes on. Her passion for sports and an active lifestyle carries into her passion for helping athletes get their edge back – or just keep it in the first place!

After a horrible car accident at 17 years old, Dr. Lila thought she had lost any opportunity to be active. Through chiropractic care she found her body healing better than any medical doctor could have predicted. At that time, she discovered a profound appreciation for the power of Chiropractic, and would go on to refer hundreds of patients in to local chiropractors. Later in life, she realized her calling, and headed off to Chiropractic school.

Dr. Lila has been helping patients through NUCCA Chiropractic care since 2012. She is passionate about learning so she can continue to provider her patients with the highest quality care, and continues to attend NUCCA conferences twice yearly to ensure she is educated in the most recent research in the profession. Her passion for Chiropractic grows with every patient she cares for. Her dedication and commitment to the Chiropractic principle and the functioning of your innate intelligence will assure fast results for you and your entire family!

Education Life Chiropractic College West
Affiliations and Certifications NUCCA
Dynamic Essentials
Services Provided NUCCA Chiropractic
Nasal Specific

Susanna Bergin, Massage Director

Before entering the bodywork field, Susanna saw massage as a once-a-year birthday treat. In 2013, after spending months preparing applications for Masters in Psychology programs she had a conversation with a mentor in which she learned of people using massage and bodywork for treatment of both physical and mental health struggles. A lightbulb went on – she tossed her graduate school applications, and a month later she began the 1000-hour massage program at Cortiva Institute in Seattle. Within her first two weeks of anatomy class, Susanna was in love. She will tell you that massage school was where she found her inner nerd. Bodies are just so cool!

Susanna believes healing comes from a holistic approach. We are complex beings and we require complex care. Through this lens, she works with all of her patients to develop a massage plan that brings in both healing relaxation as well as specific treatment work to muscles that are out of balance. She comes from a fantastic training program that has prepared her with a wide array of tools ranging from incredibly gentle to very deep techniques. You can expect her to draw on every tool possible to achieve maximum healing in each massage. She absolutely loves her craft, and is so excited to share it with the Connection Chiropractic community.

Education Cortiva Institute Seattle – 1,000 hour program
Affiliations and Certifications Affiliations and Certifications
Somatic Experiencing
Services Provided Myofascial Release
Lymphatic Facilitation
Positional Release and Trigger Point Protocol
Swedish Massage

Erin Durkee, Massage Practitioner

Originally from Minnesota, Erin moved to San Francisco 6 years ago and it’s truly become home to her. Her path to massage work started while she was in bike shops learning about bike fitting and training as a competitive cyclist. She has been doing massage since 2013 and loves how much there is to learn every day about helping people find their own capacity to heal both neurophysiologically and emotionally. Even as Erin continues to gather experiences as a massage therapist, she is also beginning her newest adventure as a graduate student at CIIS in the Somatic Psychology master’s program and is excited to combine somatic psychotherapy approaches with massage.

Education  San Francisco School of Massage, Advanced Massage Program
Affiliations and Certifications AMTA
Services Provided Myofascial Release
Lymphatic Facilitation
Structural Integration

Noah Volz, Massage Therapist

Noah has been a licensed massage therapist since 2008. He grew up in Southwest Colorado and completed his first yoga teacher training in 2002 and has been teaching yoga in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and California ever since. He continued to explore the peak performance of the human body through his massage training and now offers Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial release, and intuitive deep tissue bodywork. Noah loves to write and he is the author of New Year Re-Solution: A 14-Day Ayurvedic Program to Lose Weight and Feel Your Best which can be found on Amazon. Noah is currently attending Life West Chiropractic College in order to become a NUCCA doctor.

Education  Ashland Institute of Massage
Affiliations and Certifications AMTA
Services Provided Myofascial Release
Positional Release and Trigger Point Protocol
Swedish Massage